A forum to foster dialogue across disciplines on issues related to culture and development.and their implications for public action. Based on the book:

Culture and Public Action, Vijayendra Rao and Michael Walton (editors), Stanford University Press, 2004. The South Asia Edition has been published by Permanent Black.


Contributors (In Order of Chapters in the Book):

Amartya Sen, Arjun Appadurai, Mary Douglas, Marco Verweij, Timur Kuran, Arjo Klamer, Lourdes Arizpe, Sabina Alkire, Anita Abraham, Jean-Phiippe Platteau, Monica Das Gupta, Carol Jenkins, Fernando Calderon, Alicia Szmuckler, Simon Harragin, Shelton Davis,Vijayendra Rao, Michael Walton

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The Book



You can download the full text of the introductory, concluding chapters of the book below and the consolidated bibliography, as well as read abstracts of all the other chapters.


Culture and Public Action is currently available from Amazon for $15.72. The regular price is $22.95.Stanford University Press also has a website where the book can be purchased.


For readers in South Asia, the book has been published by Permanent Black and is available in bookstores for Rs. 395. It can also be purchased online from Orient Longman.



Table of Contents :


Culture and Public Action: Relationality, Equality of Agency and Development
Vijayendra Rao and Michael Walton
(Download complete chapter here in PDF format)

How Does Culture Matter?
Amartya Sen

Excerpt from the chapter

The Capacity to Aspire: Culture and the Terms of Recognition
Arjun Appadurai


Traditional Culture, Let's Hear No More About It.
Mary Douglas


Appendix to Mary Douglas
Marco Verweij


Social. Cultural, and Economic Values of Cultural Goods
Arjo Klamer

Cultural Obstacles to Economic Development: Not Necessarily Real, Often Transitory
Timur Kuran


HIV/AIDS and Culture: Implications for Policy
Carol Jenkins


Participatory Development: Where Culture Creeps in
Anita Abraham and Jean-Philippe Platteau


State Policies and Women's Autonomy in China, The Republic of Korea, and India 1950-2000: Lessons from Contrasting Experiences
Monica Das Gupta


Relief and an Understanding of Local Knowledge: The Case of Southern Sudan
Simon Harragin


Political Culture and Development

Fernando Calderón



El texto completo de la versión española original está disponible aquí


The Mayan Movement and National Culture in Guatemala
Shelton Davis


The Intellectual History of Culture and Development Institutions

Lourdes Arizpe

Excerpt from the chapter.

Culture, Poverty and External Intervention
Sabina Alkire



Conclusion: Culture and Public Action
Vijayendra Rao and Michael Walton

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(Download here - PDF format)



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